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Technical Instructor

Mr. Amogh Deshpande

Qulification: DME BAMEL (HA), Mechanical Stream

Experience:20 years in Indian Air Force

Mr. Vivek Kulkarni

Qulification: Degree in Mechanical Engineering, DME BAMEL (HA),BCA.PGDAMS,PGDIP.MA

Experience: 20 years exp. in Indian Air force and 7 years Teaching Exp. (Aviation field)

Mr. Sribhash Saha Chowdhury

Qulification: Graduate (BA), Degree Mechanical (AHQ)

Experience: 20 years in Air force(Aviation field) 7 years Teaching Exp.

Mr. Debesh Chandra Das

Qulification: B.Sc., LEE, AMIE Electronics, Dip. In Industrial Safety.

Experience: 39 Years in Air India as AME.

Mr. Amit Kumar Srivastava

Qulification: B.Sc., AME Paper-I, II BAMEL (IS,RN)

Experience: Indamar Company Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Roshan Walke

Qulification: DME (IAF), B.A

Experience: 20 yrs. in Aircraft Maintenance in IAF

Mr. Ashok Kumar Raina

Qulification: BSc., AME License (B1) Small Aircraft, AVRO, B737,A320

Experience: 40 Years Industrial Experience

Mr. V D George

Qulification: Diploma in Elect. Engineering BAMEC- ES,IS,RN E.I.R. License on A310-300, B747-400, I.R on B737-800V License on B777. E License on B747-200,300,B4

Experience: 40 Years of Aviation Experience

Mr. Tapas Kumar Bhattacharya

Qulification: BSc., AME License

Experience: 25 years in Aviation Experience

Mr. Hiten Amrut Kadu

Qulification: AME (Mechanical)

Experience: 1year 6 Months teaching experience, 5 years 6 months in Line Maintenance and 1 year in Base Maintenance

Mr. Arpit Mishra

Qulification: BE (Aeronautical)

Experience: 2 years as a project associate (IITM), 3Years Aviation Industry

Ms. Smrutigandha Ghadi

Qulification: AME (Avionics)

Experience: 7 Months Industrial Experience

Mr. Prashant Nagvekar

Qulification: Diploma Engineering in “Industrial Electronics” MSB, B-Tech in “Electronics Engineering”

Experience: 14 yrs. Industrial Experience 9 yrs. Teaching Experience

Mr. Kishor Zhumde

Qulification: Auto Engineering Technician, NCTVT

Experience: 17 Years Teaching and Non-Teaching Experience

Mr. Tapan Kumar Dhar

Qulification: Pre-Engineering, BAMEL(HA/JE)

Experience: 37 yrs. Aviation Experience

Mr. Arvind Gupta

Qulification: BE Aeronautical Engg., ME Mechanical Engg.

Experience: 7 yrs. Teaching Experience

Mr. Partha Sarkar

Qulification: Electronics and Telecommunications, BAMEL in RN & IS

Experience: 31 yrs. Aviation Experience & 7 yrs. Teaching Experience

Mr. Aman Vaidya

Qulification: AME B2, BSc Degree in Aircraft Maintenance

Experience: 1 yr. 6 months Teaching Experience, 10 months Aviation Experience

Mr. Shahebaz Khan

Qulification: BE (Electronics and Telecommunications), Diploma (Instruments)

Experience: 15yrs. Aviation Experience

Mr. Ajit Shastri

Qulification: AME B1.1, BE (Mechanical)

Experience: 35yrs. Aviation Experience

Mr. Soumendra Nath Mandal

Qulification: Degree in Electronics/Radio Communication Engineering, Module 3,4

Experience: 40 yrs Industrial Experience, 8 Months Teaching Experience

Mr. Adil Mohammed Sadik Sayyed

Qulification: AME B1.1

Experience: 11 Months Industrial Experience, 4yrs. 10 Months Teaching Experience

Mr. Vinod Jaitapkar

Qulification: AME B2, Degree in M.Sc, RTR (C)

Experience: 33yrs. Industrial Experience, 1yr. 5 Months Teaching Experience

Mr. Bhaskar Nikam

Qulification: AME B1.1, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Experience: 35 yrs. Industrial Experience, 2 Months Teaching Experience

Mr. K S Girigosavi

Qulification: Diploma in Mech. Engg., BAMEC (HA/JE), B1 Licence on following Aircraft: A310(GE CF6-80C2), B-747-400 (PW 4056) B777-200LR/300ER (GE 90), B787-8 (GENX-1B)

Experience: 35 yrs. Aviation Experience

Mr. Harish Chauhan

Qulification: AME (Avionics)

Experience: 2 yrs. 5 Months Teaching Experience, 13 yrs. 5 Months Aviation Experience

Mr. Raman Chauhan

Qulification: AME (Avionics)

Experience: 8 yrs. Teaching Experience, 6 Months Aviation Experience

Mr. Vishal Ombale

Qulification: AME (Mechanical)

Experience: 13 yrs. 6 Months Aviation Experience

Mr. Siddharth Saindane

Qulification: BE (Mechanical), ME (Heat Power Engineering)

Experience: 4 yrs Teaching Experience, 2 month Aviation experience