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TIAT has its own facility for conducting Theoretical Training and Inhouse Practical Training in workshops and Labs located in TIAT and in Hangar.The Hangar is located in TVM premises. Both the facilities are approved and mentioned in MTOE.


The fully Computerized Library is equipped with well stocked volumes of text books, reference books, automated CD's & periodicals spanning the entire spectrum of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses.


The institute has updated modern e-library facility with more than 20 PCs with LAN & high-speed broadband internet connection where e-resources & e-documents can be searched within a short span of time. With the help of e-library students can easily obtain information about their courses & projects to enhance their knowledge.


The air-conditioned Auditorium is equipped with high end projection facility, PA Sound System etc. Interior atmosphere significantly enhances passive cooling and ventilation that surround the auditorium and provides the audience a rejuvenating feeling. This massive Hall is characterized by an eye-catching architecture. This hall can accommodate more than 250 people.


The indoor gymkhana, provides facilities for games like snooker, billiards table tennis, carom, chess etc. carries a busy entertainment calendar enhancing many social, leisure and sports activities. There is also a well-equipped section of gymnasium for those interested in exercise and bodybuilding.

Girls Common Room

A common room for girls is a shared space that provides a safe and secure environment where girls can come together to learn, share experiences, and build relationships. It is a place of support, acceptance, and empowerment for young women from all backgrounds.


A spacious and clean canteen managed by a professional caterer provides a varied and quality food at affordable price on the self-service counters. Due care is taken to maintain hygienic conditions in the canteen.


An adjacent playground provides facilities for out-door games. The institute encourages students to participate in various inter-college tournaments.


Institute also has an indoor Coffee Café Day cafeteria. The cafeteria serves the hot and cold beverages and some snacks items along with that it also have a large LCD displaying the knowledge enhancing channels like Discovery. This space is mostly used by the students to brainstorm their projects.


The spacious student co-operative store meets the basic requirements of stationeries as well as photo copy in the institute premises.


A room that provides the first-aid treatment for the students and staff.


Institute has limited hostel facility for students. Hostel is located near the institute. Interested students can apply immediately after admissions. Hostel allotment is done on the basis of student's academic credential & location.