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Aircraft Maintenance License

The main features of Aircraft Maintenance License course approved by EASA Part 147 (Basic) conducted by Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology are as follows:

The course consists of 2400 hours program divided into 4 semesters. This includes theoretical training and practical training. Out of total practical training 30% of the practical training hours will be carried out in 145 Maintenance Organisations i.e. Actual Environment Training (AET) for all B1.1 and B2 categories. The remaining practical training (70%) will be carried out in various labs and on Learjet aircraft placed in Thakur Vidya Mandir (TVM) hangar. The practical task will cover the subject knowledge and aircraft systems. For AET purpose TIAT has long term agreement with 145 organisations to impart practical training to the students. Students are required to pass the module examinations conducted by this Institute on behalf of EASA. Students will be issued with Certificate of Recognition on successful completion of training course.

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Course Details

Course Structure

Admission to Aircraft Maintenance License Courses in:-

(Heavy Aeroplane & Turbine Engine)

  • 28 seats
  • 02 Years


  • 28 seats
  • 02 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum SSC (Secondary School Certificate) Or equivalent qualifications.

Admission Procedure

  1. Applications for admission are made available in the prescribed form along with the prospectus at the Institute.
  2. Eligible candidates seeking admission to AML course should submit their application form complete in all respect, together with necessary documents, to the Institute's office as per the schedule issued by Institute.
  3. Any application, which is incomplete or not accompanied by the prescribed documents, will be liable for rejection.
  4. "Letter of Admission" will be issued after the selection by scrutiny of the necessary documents & payment of fees in full.
  5. Foreign nationals & NRI candidates seeking admission to the course should submit their photocopies of passport, qualification certificates.

Document Submission

  1. Attested copy of Statement of marks of SSC or Equivalent Certificates. (Original to be submitted at the time of admission)
  2. Attested copy of Leaving Certificate issued by the School/ College, if applicable. (Original to be submitted at the time of admission)
  3. Attested copy of Transfer Certificate from the last attended Institute, if applicable. (Original to be submitted at the time of admission)
  4. 10 Passport size colour Photograph duly signed on back by the candidate.
  5. Attested copy of Passport.

Course Structure

Module No. Subject / Module Name B1.1 B2

2 Physics
3 Electrical Fundamentals
4 Electronic Fundamentals
5 Digital Techniques /Electronic Instrument Systems
6 Materials and Hardware
7A Maintenance Practices
8 Basic Aerodynamics
9A Human Factors
10 Aviation Legislation
11A Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
12 Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
13 Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
14 Propulsion
15 Gas Turbine Engine
17A Propeller

Terms & Condition for the Students

  1. During the admission process, I have been explained the disciplinary rules of the Institution and I have understood the same. I was also made aware of the Code of Conduct, Academic Rules, attendance, Examination Rules, Uniform and Library Policy of the Institute and I have understood the same.
  2. I as parent/s hereby undertake to diligently pay all Institute fees on time.
  3. I will attend all the classes from the re-opening day of the Institute on ………….or as per the timetable, failing which I am liable to pay a fine at the rate of Rs.100/- per day for the first one week. In case, I do not turn up even after one week of starting of classes, I shall be ineligible to continue for the current academic year.
  4. I will be regular and punctual to all the classes (theory/practical/drawing) and secure attendance of not less than 90% in each subject as stipulated by Institute.
  5. I will compulsorily follow the uniform prescribed by the Institute.
  6. I will conduct myself in a highly disciplined and decent manner both inside the classroom and in the campus, failing which suitable action may be taken against me as per the rules and regulations of the Institute.
  7. I will concentrate on my studies without wasting time in the Campus/Hostel/Residence and attend all the tests to secure more than the minimum prescribed Class / Sessional Marks in each subject. I will submit the assignments given in time to improve my performance.
  8. I will not use Mobile Phone to the Institute campus and also, I will not involve in any form of ragging inside or outside the campus. I am fully aware that bringing mobile phone to the campus and involving in Ragging activities is an offence and punishable as per Institute rules/Law.
  9. I will pay tuition fees, examination fees and any other dues within the stipulated time as required by the Institute authorities failing which I may not be permitted to attend the classes.
  10. I will not cause or involve in any sort of violence or disturbance both within and outside the Institute campus.
  11. If I become absent continuously for 3 days, my parents will have to meet the concerned Training Manager/Dy. Training Manager.
  12. Action against ragging: Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 which is in effect from 15th May 1999 has the following provisions for Action against Ragging.
    1. Ragging within or outside of any educational institution is prohibited,
    2. Whosoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets, or propagates ragging within or outside any Educational institution shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term up to 2 years and / or penalty as per Ragging Act 1999.
    3. Any student convicted of an offence of ragging shall be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution for a period of five years from the date of order of such dismissal.
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